4 November 2016

3 reasons why every parent must consider IB education for their child.

When it comes to selecting a school for your child, parents are faced with a plethora of options these days. It is no longer only about the quality of education and other services that schools have to offer, but also about the curriculum they follow.

Asking friends and relatives for their opinion to help you decide surely sounds like a good idea, but more often than not, their opinions are very subjective. And deciding your child’s future based on someone’s personal opinion isn’t a very wise thing to do, is it?

What your child learns in school lays the foundation of his overall personality. The quality of education he gets at an early age plays a major role in shaping your child into the person he becomes. As responsible parents, it is obvious that you would want the best for your child.

To attain this, your child needs a school that inculcates in him strong interpersonal values, promotes opinion formation, and encourages healthy relationship building. All this, while ensuring that the education he gets helps him excel in his personal and professional life, no matter what part of the world he is in.

For generations now, CBSE and ICSE education has been considered the best in class. But with the introduction of IB schools in India, the scenario has changed dramatically. People are increasingly realizing the benefits of opting for IB over anything else. And it isn’t minor differences, but striking rationales that fuel these decisions.

Here are the 3 primary reasons that make IB education the best thing you can give your child

1. Education that’s actionable

How many of us are actually applying what we’ve learned in school and college in our everyday professional lives?

One of the biggest advantages of IB education is that the things you are taught are at par with industry demand and therefore, easy to apply in your work life. IB education encourages students to learn, analyze and understand what they are being taught, rather than simply mugging up what’s written in the prescribed textbook.

Unlike every other educational Board in India, students in IB curriculum are not assigned a set textbook which they are expected to memorize. Instead, they are exposed to the various resources available to understand the subject, and given the liberty to choose what they find best.

This method of teaching that’s unique to IB, not only makes learning a fun process for students, but also encourages them to always find the most efficient way to solve whatever problem life throws at them.

2. Study subjects that interest you

Unlike any other education systems in India, IB curriculum exposes students to the vast variety of subjects available and gives them the option to choose whatever interests them. Unlike the traditional Science, Commerce, and Arts where students can study only those subjects, IB gives students the option to mix and match the subjects according to their interest.

This interdisciplinary exposure ensures that students’ knowledge is not restricted to only one field, and helps them choose the best career option for themselves.

3. A globally renowned curriculum

If you plan to move overseas in the future or have that American dream for your child, IB must be your obvious choice. Students with an IB Diploma have a higher acceptance rate at colleges and universities abroad. Also, it's simpler for IB graduates to find professional opportunities in any part of the world. If you intend to move abroad, your child would have absolutely no difficulty adjusting to the new education system and school environment.

The unique tried and tested teaching methodology of IB education system is not only beneficial for your child’s present, but also ensures a rewarding future.

With NES International School, ranked #3 in Mumbai, now in Dombivli, parents can rest assured that quality education and best in class facilities are now available for their children, right in their neighbourhood.

To know more about our institute and find out how we help your child grow better, get in touch with us.


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  • We believe NES International School Dombivli provides the best education we can ever obtain for our children. The school is instilling in the children the values of discipline, hard work, and a love for knowledge. These qualities are priceless as they grow up to become valuable contributors to our society and also the Global citizens. It is the only education which grooms the child and helps in developing child’s inner creativity and communication. My Daughter is enthusiastic to go to school every day and eager to come home to tell us all about what she has learned.The school also has a high academic level, not only in English, Math and Science, but in other subjects, i.e. Art, Music and space science. The student to teacher ratio is 20:2 which allows teachers to be more attentive to the students’ needs. Last but not least, the school has numerous after school programs to choose from such as Skating, Brian's Dance academy, Furtados Music, Gymnastics, Martial arts etc.
    Mr Vivek Tambe, father of Prisha Tambe – Reception (Jr.kg)

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